Franklin Japan Fund

Franklin Templeton Investment Funds

Summary of Fund Objective

The Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by primarily investing in equity securities of companies any size located or performing business predominantly in Japan.

GARP Investment Style. The management team follows a Growth At Reasonable Price investment style. The investment selection process focuses on finding stocks of companies based on proprietary research and analysis, including company visits.

Top down approach and bottom up stock selection combined. In order to determine sector allocation, the portfolio team takes a global and longer-term perspective. Secondly, a bottom-up process is used to pick up timely and efficiently each security. The combination of both skills is at the heart of our value-added strategy.

An experienced local management team. The team is led by an experienced portfolio manager and a seasoned local investment team.


Purav Jhaveri

  • California, United States
  • Years With Firm: 19
  • Years Of Experience: 25

What are the Key Risks?

The value of shares in the Fund and income received from it can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Performance may also be affected by currency fluctuations. Currency fluctuations may affect the value of overseas investments.

  • The Fund invests mainly in Japanese equity securities. Such securities have historically been subject to significant price movements that may occur suddenly due to market or company-specific factors. As a result, the performance of the Fund can fluctuate significantly over relatively short time periods.
  • Other significant risks include: currency risk, emerging markets risk, liquidity risk.
For full details of all of the risks applicable to this Fund, please refer to the “Risk Considerations” section of the Fund in the current prospectus of Franklin Templeton Investment Funds.