Our Fund Range

An overwiew of our various products presented by asset classes


Our actively-managed, research-driven equity strategies span the risk/return spectrum across styles, market capitalisations and geographies. We employ a time-tested investment philosophy and investment process that avoids short-term trends and focuses on generating long-term performance.

Fixed Income

We offer investors a wide range of actively-managed fixed-income strategies covering benchmark-aware and unconstrained to tailor portfolios that meet a diverse set of client needs. We believe that our emphasis on independent research from multiple viewpoints enables us to exploit market inefficiencies from a long-term perspective.


We offer investors broad alternative investment capabilities through a multi-boutique structure. We are focused on seeking new, uncorrelated active return sources by following a conservative, risk-controlled process.


Our multi-asset strategies invest across a broad range of investment strategies, styles, sectors and regions and seek to provide a greater degree of diversification and to help cushion occasional shocks that come with investing in a single asset class.

Mutual Funds