Our Highlights


Digital Innovations - Pinpointing Fixed Income Credit Risks

Distinguishing which risks are more likely to pay in Fixed Income Markets versus those that probably won’t.


Discovering Value in Climate Change Investing

Integrating six climate considerations with impact on long-term business performance into an investment process.


Health Care Sector Innovation and Insight

Listen to our Head of Equities discuss health care innovations, particularly in the area of biopharma with analysts from growth and emerging markets.


Trade Tensions Flare: Where Do We Go from Here?

Central bank actions and new trade tensions have created more questions than answers.


Engaging a New Generation of Investors

At our recent Global Investor Forum, we hosted a panel of prominent fintech entrepreneurs who shared their thoughts on appealing to Millennial customers.


Hedge Fund Strategy Outlook - Q3

Changing rate environment, heterogeneity within Europe, and a combination of broad macro factors and idiosyncratic situations should create opportunities.


Green Bonds: Seeking New Opportunities To Invest For Good

Perspective from Franklin Templeton Fixed Income


Health Care Sector Innovation—How Biopharma Scientists Save Lives Globally

Equity Markets explores biotechnology entering the most transformative phase our health care analysts have seen in 25 years.

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